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Procurement & Sourcing

Shop one of our preferred vendors including many big box stores.

Sealift Prep & Packaging

We are your 1 Stop Shop for all things Sealift. Purchase, Pack and Ship.

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Visa, MasterCard, E-Transfer, WE Financial

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Browse hundreds of items. New items added regularly. If you don't see what you are looking for, please ask.

More Than Just Food Services

Storage & Expediting

We can accept and ship any goods you need handled. Click for more information.

Ice Roads Hauling

We offer the service of buying and preparing items to have an ``Ice Road`` trucking company drive up to your community.

Sealift Preparation & Packaging

All information pertaining to sealift orders and FAQ's can be found here.

Procurement & Sourcing

We have great buying power and can provide special pricing from a large number of premiere vendors.

After Hours Pick up & Delivery

We offer after hours and weekend pick up and delivery. Contact us for more information.

Dangerous Goods

We can handle any Dangerous goods, and we can also provide information on how to transport them.

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