About Arctic Buying Company

Arctic Buying Company Inc. Kivalliq is a logistics and freighting company owned by Dorothy and Tara Tootoo.
Partnered with Arctic Buying Company Inc. in Winnipeg, we offer our services providing a ONE-STOP-SHOP for logistics, order coordination, purchasing and packing services for our Personal, Domestic, Commercial and Institutional Customers.

Arctic Buying acts as a one-stop-shop for our clients to purchase all goods needed to function on a daily basis.

In short, we bring Southern Pricing to our customers in remote communities. We will co-ordinate orders from various vendors of choice in Winnipeg and abroad, and fulfill needs right from the research, purchase, packing
and shipping to destination communities all through Nunavut. We even offer a parcel expediting service so you can shop online and have orders come to you through us!

We are currently looking to expand our network and offer the same services to the communities in Northern and Central Manitoba.

Why Choose us?

We know you may have choices, but we thought we would let you know why you should choose us.

Food Orders

We are a Member of the Nutrition North Canada Program, and offer the Nutrition North Subsidy on qualifying products for individual households, schools, institutions and other eligible businesses. We have well recognized website that determines the LANDED COST of eligible items to your community! This is the first website of its kind that we know of, offering this level of service

100% Nunavut Owned

Arctic Buying Company is owned and Operated by members of the Nunavut Community.

One Stop Shop

We are more than just shipping. We can arrange, shop, and store items. As well as coordinate delivery for your goods.

Have a questions? Give us a Call 1 (855) 544-3663